About Us

Our spice blends were created to nourish your body, mind and soul and are made for the everyday cook. It can be difficult with the hustle and bustle to cook at home, and these make it that much easier. Just grab, shake and whip up something to help you eat well today.

Growing up I watched and helped my Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother and Step-Mother cook. I learned early on how to make delicious foods. My Grandfather is from Lexington, KY and has a southern style of cooking. My step-mom is from the Philippines and has passed on delicious authentic recipes. All of them have inspired me to create this collection. I hope to pass on all their legacies to my daughter Zoë to understand and appreciate how we can cultivate our own well-being.

When I entered the working world, I had a background in biology and worked in a biopharmaceutical cleanroom lab making cell therapies before becoming a training specialist and manufacturing science and technology specialist. This background has prepped me to create a cohesive blend between developing new products and the care and precision that goes into formulation and production standards.

Being a single working Mom, who worked lots of overtime in the lab, I understand how difficult it can be to get a healthy meal to your table. Fast food has made it so easy to save time and cut stress, but that comes at a cost. Grab some of these handcrafted spice blends, drop the delivery services and create quick delicious meals at home! 

*We try to source mostly organic ingredients as well as ensuring no added MSG, artificial colors or preservatives. We are licensed by Frederick County Health Department and are members of Maryland Bakes.

We hope you find something you love!

LoZo ❤